We highly recommend including the following in your own pre-event checks:


Ensure that they are in good condition with sufficient tread and are free of cuts or tears. It is important you refer to you manufacturer's guidelines regarding tyre pressures. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your car has the correct tyres for the weather conditions of the day.


Ensure that they are in good condition with sufficient material to last an entire trackday. During the course of the trackday it is important that you manage your brakes to optimise their durability and performance. We recommend that you limit your track sessions to 15 minutes in duration and that you allow the brakes to warm up and cool down gradually. We advise that, wherever possible, you do not return to the pits directly after a fast lap. Instead complete a cooling down lap at slower speeds with lighter braking to allow the airflow to cool your brakes.


Ensure that your engine fluids are at the correct level before starting any trackday. During the trackday always ensure that your engine has reached the correct temperature before fast driving and allow your engine to cool on your in-laps by reducing the revs and avoiding hard acceleration.


In the Driver Briefing at the start of each trackday, we will inform you of the location of the nearest fuel station, Always ensure that you have sufficient fuel in your car before heading onto the circuit. This might seem obvious, but trackdays are often interrupted by cars running out of fuel whilst on track.


Your driving position will probably need to be adjusted from your usual road-driving position. You will usually need to be slightly closer to the controls so spend time making sure you are in the correct position before heading out onto the circuit. You must be positioned so that you don't have to stretch in order to turn the wheel by 90 degrees or to push the pedals to their furthest away position. Having adjusted your seat, you must then ensure that your mirrors are also adjusted correctly.


Ensure that there are no loose items in the cabin of your car as this could pose a safety issue. Either stow small items securely in your glovebox or, even better, remove any items from the car completely. We also strongly recommend that you remove items from your luggage compartment.

Number Plates

During any trackday there is a good chance that your car will be photographed whilst on track and at Greystone GT trackdays there will be a professional photographer present. If you wish to hide the identity of your car whilst participating in a Greystone GT trackday please either remove your number plates after arriving at the circuit or cover them with a vinyl sticker. However, please bear in mind that this will make it difficult for us, and the official photographer, to identify you and your car.


If you are not confident that you are able to carry out the pre-event checks yourself, you might wish to contact your dealer.