There are many ways in which you can reduce your risk of accidents when driving on track. This includes taking instruction from a professional Driver Coach, generally approaching your driving in a safe manner, adhering to the track rules, and selecting the right type of track event in the first place. For example, at a Greystone GT trackday, you will be surrounded by a relatively small number of cars driven by like-minded supercar owners who are just as keen as you are to enjoy a full day of driving whilst looking after their valuable supercar. This is not necessarily the case at other trackdays.

However accidents can happen and it is important to remember that, unlike on the road where you have third-party insurance, you are liable for the cost of any damage to your car howsoever caused and it is likely that your road insurance policy will not cover track driving. The good news is that there are insurance companies that specialise in offering trackday insurance cover and, although quotes may vary, you will find that it is possible to insure your car for a single trackday at a cost of approximately 1% of the value insured with an excess of approximately 10% of the value insured.

There are a number of specialist motorsport insurance companies and we encourage our customers to obtain quotes from more than one company in order to be able to make a balanced and informed decision.