When you participate in a Greystone GT trackday, it is important that you remember that you have the full day ahead of you during which you will be able to enjoy driving your supercar.

Start your day slowly, build up your speed gradually, and spend time getting to know the circuit and the conditions of the day. Don't try to drive too fast too quickly, it is well known that drivers who approach their track driving in a gradual and patient manner always end up enjoying the day more and become faster, safer and more confident than those who take an aggressive approach.

Track driving is a skill that can be learnt and improved with practice, particularly if you take the right advice and guidance. If you want to improve your driving or wish to understand the capabilities of your supercar in more detail then make sure you reserve a session with one of our highly experienced professional Driver Coaches when you book.

We hope that you will use the time between driving sessions to speak with our team and get to know the other customers who are also participating. Everyone at the track, whether staff or customer, will share your passion for supercars so we are confident that there is more to a Greystone GT trackday than track driving alone.

Of course, if you have any questions during the day then don't hesitate to ask us.